The first circle highlights the vertical dimension of our relationship with God, as we look up towards Him, acknowledging that God came down to us in Jesus Christ and granted our salvation through Christ’s suffering and resurrection. As recipients of God’s grace we are blessed with a life that is governed by our gratitude and response to God’s presence. For us, all of life is a celebration of God’s gifts, but this first circle primarily focuses on our communal and joyful worship experience. By this experience and through the knowledge of God we are prepared to effectively Connect with each other.


As God call us to Himself through the Gospel, we are bound together by His grace. This second circle is horizontal and focuses inward. Connecting with one-another through fellowship, small groups or simply gathering as God’s children, we grow in our understanding of ourselves, our love for others, and our love for God. Within this circle, we share our lives and support each other on our journey of faith. Through the development of trust and love in these relationships, we are prepared for the important work of discipleship and the third circle of Contribution.


This third circle is largely outward in its expression. Having received much from our Saving God, we steward the resources of time, talent, treasure, and testimony though service opportunities by which we seek to be the hands and heart of Jesus to others in their times of need. We do so, not only because we have something to share, but also because we have much to learn from others. Sharing our joy brings a completion of the cycle, returning our hearts to the praise of God and our salvation in Christ.

Each of these circles and their direction (up – in – out) are intended to keep our lives focused on receiving from God and then sharing with others. Each circle and its corresponding activities may be occasion for celebrating God, connecting with one another and contributing to meet the needs that are universally shared by humanity. You are welcome to participate in any and all of them. While a circle by definition is closed, we hope you will come to know us as an open group of people, and that you may find your place with us, somewhere around the table of God’s grace.