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The hymnals we use label the orders for worship as "The Divine Service." This term is understood in two ways. In one sense, "The Divine Service" is God's service to His people. All our 'worship' begins with God; His word, His work in our lives. In the second sense, "The Divine Service" is our service to God. God speaks and we respond with words He has given. The nature of what takes place in the service is first from heaven to earth and second from earth to heaven. Without God we are nothing and have nothing to say.

The 8:00 service at Trinity follows a rotation of liturgical services found in the current Lutheran Service Book hymnal. For the most part, the familiar orders of worship allow the early worshipers to focus on the parts of the service which are different each week (Propers) while recalling the meaning of the familiar.

The 10:30 service at Trinity follows the familiar pattern of "The Divine Service" while using a more contemporary style. In this service, there is more that changes each week, but the same pattern is followed. The freshness of each service allows this group to hear God's word in a new way.

In both services at Trinity we seek to be Christ centered, to receive God's gifts to us, and to give our best in response to Jesus' love and grace. We hope that the choices given will afford many the opportunity to find their place in God's presence at Trinity Lutheran. In our services, we seek to invite and welcome all, to mature together in God's grace and to be God's presence in loving service to our community.

Trinity has a staffed nursery available for all Sunday morning services.

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