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Small Groups

small groupsCommunity surrounds us every day. Communities are the places where you live, worship, work, play, etc. Small groups are a perfect example of Christian community. Christian communities are honest, authentic, safe and trustworthy.

Jesus first described small groups when he said "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I with them." Community is NOT a Bible study or a prayer meeting. It is NOT a therapy support group nor is it a social group. Community is experiencing and living life together to include all of its joys and sorrows. That is what small groups do. Small groups give you the opportunity to make a real and authentic caring connection with others that is life transforming.

So come and join us as we continue to grow this important ministry at Trinity Lutheran Church.

A Small Group Invitation: Are You Ready to Join?

Each of the following small groups employs the use of an open chair and is actively seeking new members at the present time. If you are interested in joining any of these groups, please contact the Group Leader.

Leader:   Jada Kohlmeier (             
Meeting Day:   Thursday evenings (day can change based on group member schedules)    
Meeting Time:   7:00 PM
Type of Group:   Women
Service Project:   Support group members to balance work and home life

Leader:   Sarah Schrader (
Meeting Day:   Wednesday or Thursday (based on group member schedules)
Meeting Time: Flexible (based on group member schedules)
Type of Group: Couples and single persons
Service Project: Christmas Shoe Boxes

Leader:   Doris Boyer (
Meeting Day:   2nd and 4th Sundays
Meeting Time:   6:00 PM but is flexible based on group member schedules
Type of Group:   Women
Service Project:   Clothe a Child and College Student Suppers

Leader:   Patty Baggett (
Meeting Day:   Wednesday
Meeting Time:   6:30 PM
Type of Group:   Medical Professionals
Service Project:   Support group members to balance work and home

Leader:   Connie McCormick (
Meeting Day:   Tuesday
Meeting Time:   6:30 PM
Type of Group:   Men
Service Project:   Currently developing project for this year

Leader:   John Meetze  (
Meeting Day:   Sunday
Meeting Time:   5:30 PM
Type of Group:   Couples
Service Project:   College Exam bags and College Student Suppers once a month.


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