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Trinity Lutheran Church’s MINISTRIES, include a wide variety of programs and activities.  Small Groups meet for Bible study, provide support to the College Student Group, and conduct various outreach activities.  Senior and Junior High Youth meet for Bible study, take field trips and raise funds for programs such as Wheel Chair Ministry.  The College Student Group meets regularly for Bible study and group discussions.  The Group parks cars on football weekends and distributes the earnings to various organizations and the Church.  A small group of Quilters meet and make quilts for distribution to Lutheran World Relief and local agencies such as Battered Women’s organization.  Senior Citizens meet for fellowship and are becoming involved in the LOGOS program.  Outreach programs involve providing space for Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Tai Chi.  The annual Peach Festival provides an opportunity for members to bake and sell peach pies.  The proceeds are used to support the Food Bank, support for youth attending a Youth Conference and other local outreach programs.

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Christian Education

Small Groups


Jesus Company


Senior Citizens


Audio Ministry


Special Services

Parish Nurse

Men's and Women's Fellowship


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